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The Pre-Production Schedule

Before starting to shoot your film, you need to go through the pre-production stage, where you assemble your cast and crew, find locations and do everything you need to do to prepare for shooting.

If I can give you only a piece of advice : the more you prepare, the more you’ll thank yourself!


Good prepping means getting as much as you can sorted out before the crazy happens. It’s not the best part, you may hate it but it could possibly save your film’s life.

A good prep is all the more essential on low budgets since solving problems in advance will save you time, money and a lot of stress. Not to mention that you’ll be better equipped to deal with the new problems you’ll have to face (trust me there will be plenty!).


This post is dedicated to indie filmmakers and producers that decide to create their first feature film or big budget short movies. I wanted to create a baseline to organize pre-production and avoid missing important things.

If the tasks are too extensive and detailed for your kind of production, just cut out what you don’t need; but at least you’ll be sure you thought of everything.

However you may be surprised to see all the things that go into the making of even a small project. It’s a lot of work, a lot to think about and there is a lot you can miss. But don’t feel overwhelmed! This post is here to help you get everything under control so that you can make that gorgeous film or yours!


Schedule Overview

The chart below outlines the main tasks on an 8-week pre-production period.


Download our complete Pre-Production Schedule to plan everything in advance and avoid major head traumas!

Use these charts as a baseline during your pre-production. You can adapt it to your needs (every production is different) but try to always stay ahead of your tasks.

You’ll also find a cool checklist : every task of the schedule and documents to create organized by department. It will give you an overview of your entire pre-production workload.



More resources :

“The complete Film Production Handbook”, 4th Edition, by Eve Light Honthaner.
If you are looking for thorough details about big budget productions, this book is definitely for you.


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