Welcome to the Mad Author’s Office!

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive into the wonderful world of outlines, plots and characters…

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For those who want to explore the mysterious science of filmmaking, unveil the secrets of production, script breakdown, camera blocking and so much more…

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Welcome to the Myths and History Investigation Office.

Here we like to explore the origins of fairy tales and legends, and find the source of magic …

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For all the magical designs, gorgeous costumes, moodboards to inspire you and free your creative soul …

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Welcome to Tales of Wonderland !

Tales of Wonderland was born from the teaming up of a writer and a filmmaker, and a same passion for storytelling. 

We wanted to create a place where fellow writers and filmmakers could find inspiration and lots of useful resources. You’ll find here articles about the art of writing and making a movie, as well as posts about mythology and inspiring bits of history. 

So get your coffee ready and let’s begin !

Wonderland University

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Whether you’re considering writing a novel or a script, take a look at this Beat Sheet: all the major steps your story should follow.

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Fight Scenes can sometimes be tricky for writers. Here are all the techniques you need to keep your readers glued to the action!

How to Create an Amazing Fight Scene

How do you write engaging, at-the-edge-of-your-seat fight scenes? Here are advices and techniques, to garantee your readers are gasping for breath!

How Fight Scenes must Advance your Story

Fight scenes are like any other scene in your story. They need to advance the plot, advance the character arcs, raise the stakes … all the while describing a full-on battle. Here is all you need to know to write epic battles!


I’m a filmmaker and illustrator who loves fantasy and wish she could have studied at Hogwarts.

I must have been either a Scot or a Mirkwood Elf in a past life. 




I’m a law student by day and writer by night.

I love arguing and strong female characters, especially when they kick ass.